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Resolution: Live anew in the New Year

by Trina Kleist

Keep your resolutions alive in 2019! Making New Year resolutions is a way for us to imagine a new and better life. Eat right. Get fit. Do better. Do something special. This year. This time. Yet life grinds on in its ordinariness. We go back to work, back to school, back to the routine. Pretty […]

Sunday, April 10: Go catch some fish!

by Trina Kleist

Then, come have breakfast! Jesus nourishes us, especially when we are tired and hungry and scared and not sure what to do next. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared a third time to his followers, John’s Gospel tells us. This time, a bunch of them had been out fishing all night, but they […]

Celebrate Rwanda: Sponsor a student!

by Cathy Chmel

A Vision for education in Rwanda A vision that started 10 years ago has bloomed into a school educating the future leaders of central Africa. And, Americans now have the opportunity to support this work by sponsoring a student of Rwamagana Lutheran School. On Sunday, March 13, Karl Smith, president of the Rwanda School Project […]

Sunday, May 17: Fair Trade Sunday

by Trina Kleist

“I am asking… on behalf of those whom you gave me.” In the gospel for this coming Sunday, we hear Jesus praying that God protect us for our life in the world. We join with Matthias, the newly chosen disciple No. 12, to witness to Christ’s resurrection. Today is the seventh Sunday of Easter. This […]

An Easter story: Sketch by Pastor Tom Miller

by admin-PLC

 Some years ago, we did some fall landscaping around our home.  I’m sure you know that routine.  We did some leveling, and then killed the grass and weeds with ROUNDUP® so nothing could possibly grow.  Then we put down heavy black plastic, to keep the sun out, the weeds and stuff from growing, and the […]

Living a “change of place”

by admin-PLC

Easter Message from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton… Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The Gospel of Mark ends abruptly. The women came to the tomb to care for the body of their friend and Lord. They expected death. Seeing the stone rolled away, they entered the tomb; they entered into death. They didn’t find […]

Want to make PEACE your church home?

by Trina Kleist

— We welcome new brothers and sisters who want to walk their faith path with us! Disciples who want to make PEACE their church home will be received in a short ceremony on Sunday, April 26, at both worship services (8:45 & 11 a.m.). In preparation, we’ve scheduled two disciple information sessions: Sundays, April 12 […]