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Donations on this site use the Tithely payment service, a platform built especially for churches. Your information is completely secure!

Tithely charges PEACE a transaction fee. For credit cards, that charge equals 2.4% of your donation plus a 25¢ per transaction fee. For donations from your bank account, Tithely charges PEACE 0.5% of your donation, plus 25¢. Then, they send us the rest.

TO PRESERVE THE FULL VALUE of your donation: Click the GIVE button. When the Tithely window comes up, SCROLL DOWN to the box that reads, “Cover fees” and CLICK on the circle; the circle will turn green. The Tithely charge will be calculated automatically and ADDED TO YOUR DONATION. So, for example, a $100 donation, with the Tithely fee covered, comes to $102.65.

Or, send a check. If you prefer, please send a check for the amount of your donation. Made your check payable to PEACE Lutheran Church, and write the name of the fund in the memo line. Mail your check to PEACE at 828 W. Main St., Grass Valley, CA 95945. Our volunteers will make sure 100% of your donation gets to its destination!

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The Tithely drop-down menu lets you choose from the many special funds at PEACE Lutheran Church. These including giving for flowers, for special holy days, for our PEACE Choir and other ministries of PEACE. Options also include local and national charities that PEACE supports actively, including Interfaith Food Ministry, Hospitality House and ELCA Disaster Relief.


RWANDA FUND – PEACE Lutheran Church has a 20-year connection to the central African nation of Rwanda. Our Rwanda Connection Committee raises money to support various programs there. All donations to this fund support those programs.

Recipients of giving include the Rwamagana Lutheran School, which provides education for grades 7 through 12, including college preparatory-level instruction, in the town of Rwamagana, about 30 miles from the capital of Kigali. PEACE contributions have helped build the library, science labs and dormitories.

The Rev. John Rutsindintwarane, the associate bishop of the Lutheran Church in Rwanda, also receives our support. Pastor John trains Rwandan men and women to identify local needs and organize to fulfill them. Their work so far includes building a health clinic, schools and a women-run cooperative making roofing tile.

This 3-Manual Bravura organ, by the Allen Organ Co., looks much like the organ we hope to acquire at PEACE Lutheran Church.

This 3-Manual Bravura organ, by the Allen Organ Co., looks much like the organ we hope to acquire at PEACE Lutheran Church.

ORGAN CAMPAIGN – All donations go directly toward the purchase of a new organ. In 2016, PEACE embarked on a long-range plan to raise money for a new organ for our Sanctuary. This organ enriches the whole community through performances sacred and secular, including our free December mini-concerts and the new film series, “Silent Movies with Walt Strony Presents.” The Sanctuary provides a performance venue for local groups including Music in the Mountains.

Our existing organ is a digital instrument – basically, a specialized computer wired to a keyboard console on one side and speakers on the other. This computer is more than 25 years old and, like any computer that age, could stop working at any time. New technology offers many features that would enhance the musical experience at PEACE. Especially, we envision the possibility of adding real pipes to a combination digital organ, enriching the music for listeners.

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH GENERAL FUND – Use this fund to make a general donation to PEACE Lutheran Church. You can make a one-time gift or set up regular contributions. This fund makes faithful stewardship easy. We give joyfully to our church home so we can be a light in our community! 

Unlike other funds on this page, THIS FUND SUPPORTS BASIC OPERATIONS. PEACE’s General Fund provides the church’s budget for basic programs such as Sunday morning worship, Bible study, Sunday School, Eucharistic Ministry, maintaining our musical instruments and other ways we minister to each other and to our community. It underwrites day-to-day operations, including staff salaries, building overhead, our mortgage payment, insurance, building maintenance and material needs for all our programs, from communion wafers to office supplies.

You will be able to choose your fund from the dropdown menu and pay using either your credit card or bank account to give.You can even set up recurring donations. Thank you for your generosity!

Your gift counts!

When you donate through PEACE Lutheran Church, your financial gifts help people whose lives have seen the devastation of natural disaster, the trauma of homelessness, the privation of hunger and the uncertainty of health crises. Your generosity reaches families locally, across the United States and around the world. By giving to the funds here, you can be sure that your donation benefits the people who need it.

At PEACE, we believe that all we have comes from God. God has showered the earth with blessings, and charges us with being good stewards of that abundance. Through our giving, we can show God’s love to others!

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