Ordinary? God has work for you!


Ordinary? In God’s eyes, that makes you perfect! TEXT: Luke 10:1-11, 16-20. Read it here. Ordinary people fill the stories in the Bible. Abraham, Ezekiel, Peter — God called each one of them for a mission. But their heroic powers didn’t come from themselves. Those abilities came from God. God gave them to each person, […]

Jesus’ Commitment, Our Commitment

Jesus made a commitment to us. How will we respond? TEXT: Luke 9:51-62. Read it here. Commitment forms the foundation of our relationships with each other. Marriage, employment and other commitments underscore our understanding that we are all in this life together. Through that lens, we read today’s Gospel story of Jesus “setting his face […]

Holy Trinity: God wants a relationship with you!

Many names, one desire: A relationship with you! TEXT: John 16:12-15. Read it here. Holy Trinity Sunday reminds us that we use many names for God. Some in the Bible include Alpha and Omega, King of the Universe, the Rock of our Salvation and Lord of Wisdom. All describe some aspect of God, but each […]