Lutherans have a long history of seeing all church members as ministers, so it’s natural for us to have non-ordained people ministering before, during and after worship services. All volunteers receive training. For more about any of our worship volunteer opportunities, call the church office at (530) 273-9631.

Altar Guild– Set up Holy Communion elements and flowers, assist during Holy Communion and clean the serving-ware after worship.

Assisting Ministers – Help the pastor with prayers and assist during Holy Communion.

Acolytes & Crucifers – Assisting ministers and youth can light candles (be an acolyte) at the beginning and end of both worship services, and carry the processional cross (be a crucifer) at the beginning and end of the 11 a.m. service.

Greeters & Ushers – These friendly folks meet people in the atrium where you first come into the church (greeters), and give you the bulletin and worship folder as you pass through the doors into the sanctuary (ushers). Ushers also take the offering, direct people as they go to the altar for Holy Communion, and attend to any need that may come up during the worship service.

Liturgical Art – We are blessed at PEACE Lutheran Church to have the talented and dedicated Ingrid Dreyer, who creates banners, flower arrangements and other art installations in the sanctuary, fellowship center and other areas of the church.

Coffee FellowshipCoffee Fellowship – Some Lutherans joke that coffee is our third Sacrament! Every Sunday after both the 8:45 a.m. and 11 a.m. services, we gather in our fellowship center for coffee, baked goods and conversation. This is a great place to meet people and start making friends at PEACE Lutheran Church!

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