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Church doors closed, but joy continues online

by Trina Kleist

Peace Lutheran offers Sunday worship services online The joy of God’s presence continues to lift people up through online worship services at Peace Lutheran Church in Grass Valley. Though church pews sit empty, anyone can find spiritual nourishment amid the COVID-19 pandemic through Peace’s music, scripture readings and preaching. Despite recent state guidelines that outline […]

Calif. governor offers worship guidelines

by Trina Kleist

‘Not yet time to put aside concerns’ about Covid-19, Holmerud says Worship guidelines issued by the state of California on May 25 prompted Bishop Mark W. Holmerud, of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, to send this letter to congregation members on May 27. In it, he urges congregations to […]

Bishops: Church Re-Opening Not Safe Now

by Trina Kleist

Church re-opening “at odds” with scientific advice Church re-opening should come when COVID-19 conditions are safer, three Lutheran bishops write. Dear People of God of the congregations of the Sierra Pacific Synod, the Southwest California Synod, and the Pacifica Synod: Grace and peace to you, in the name of the risen and ascended Christ! It is […]

Faith and hope amid uncertain times

by Trina Kleist

God walks with us now! Uncertain times can fill us with fear. People naturally seek stability. We want to know what comes next. So when our world grows uncertain, our faith grows even more important in our lives. Know that God walks with you, no matter what happens! Read more about plans for the near […]

Worship and Other Activities Suspended

by admin

Late yesterday afternoon we received an email from Bishop Holmerud of the Sierra Pacific Synod, strongly urging “all congregations and ministries to suspend worship and other activities through Palm Sunday, April 5th, and possibly beyond that date”.  He also encouraged all community activities that take place at church sites to be suspended for the same […]

Sunday, Feb. 23 – Just Listen!

by Trina Kleist

God says: “Listen to Jesus!” To listen — that’s the hard part! Our stories today tell about exciting images of God. One describes God’s presence as “a devouring fire.” Another story describes “a bright cloud.” People’s faces shine “like the sun.” The light is so bright that it transfigures Jesus, changes his appearance. A voice […]

Sunday, Feb. 16 – Reconcile with each other!

by Trina Kleist

Jesus asks us to reconcile! Live out God’s commandments and reconcile your differences. Jesus tells his followers to follow these two simple rules. So why do we have so much trouble following? Our yearly congregational meeting will be convened at 9:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Center. Our readings today lay out two choices: We can […]

Sunday, Feb. 9 – Let your light shine!

by Trina Kleist

Jesus offers light for your path! The light of Jesus’ love and guidance helps us navigate the everyday bumps, bruises and beauties that come our way. And, when we let that light into our hearts, it shines through us to everyone we meet. As baptized children of God, we walk a path filled with light. […]

Tackle Hunger on Super Bowl Sunday

by Trina Kleist

Competition benefits ELCA World Hunger   Tackle Hunger today: A message from Sierra Pacific Synod Bishop Mark Holmerud:   DONATE HERE to Tackle Hunger – ELCA World Hunger   Did you know that, for the past several years, the bishops who serve the synod where each team playing in the Super Bowl is from challenge […]

Sunday, Feb. 2 – Get everyday salvation!

by Trina Kleist

See salvation in your life today! Salvation seems like an old-fashioned concept – why do we need it today? How is it even relevant? We get confused because the world seems to offer so many attractive solutions to our problems. The world distracts us because the salvation that Jesus offers doesn’t usually appear like a […]