Touch a heart with a prayer shawl

“She seeks wool and flax and works with willing hands… She puts her hands to the distaff, and her hands hold the spindle.” – Proverbs 31:13, 19

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Knitting and crocheting are relaxing – and spiritual! At PEACE, we have turned a beloved hobby into a ministry by praying as we knit, so every stitch carries our love and the spirit of Christ. One prayer we use asks for God’s grace to warm, comfort, enfold and embrace the recipient.

We use easy patterns that employ sets of three, a reminder of our Trinity God.

We give our shawls to the sick, the shut-in and the grieving to wrap them with God’s love. We hope our shawls remind the recipients that nothing can separate them from the love of God.

We gather on the second Monday of each month at 1 p.m., when we knit, crochet and share stories and fellowship. Any shawls that have been completed are prayed over by the group, and a card is attached saying who made the shawl. Some participants make their shawls at home and only come to meetings when they have a finished item.

Donations of yarn are welcome!

“We gather around the shawls and lay hands on them and read a prayer of blessing.” – Bobbi M., Lake Wildwood

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To get involved with the Prayer Shawl Ministry, contact PEACE’s office at (530) 273-9631.

Learn more about PEACE’s Prayer Shawl Ministry.

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