When we serve others, we are – in an exciting and mysterious way – both serving Jesus and being Jesus the Christ for the people we serve. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, here on earth.

At PEACE Lutheran Church, we have many outreach programs in which church members show God’s love for each other and for people in our community.

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Ministry

“It means so much to me when they come to my home. It’s just wonderful.” – Paul K., Grass Valley

“Eucharist” is another word for Holy Communion, and this sacrament is central to our faith. It’s so important that we want to share it with people who can’t attend worship service because of physical limitations.

PEACE Lutheran Church members who have been trained in Eucharistic Ministry receive the blessed elements of Holy Communion on Sunday. Then, they take the bread and wine to those who request it, including to non-members and nursing home residents. Some visits include the singing of favorite hymns.

PEACE’s lay ministers serve about 20 to 25 home communions every month, and our ministry is expanding at local care homes.

“Eucharist” comes from the Greek word meaning “gratitude.” It is related to other Greek words that mean “favor,” “grace” and “to rejoice.” We are grateful for God’s saving grace, and we rejoice at being able to share it with everyone!

To learn more about Eucharistic Ministry or to get involved, call the church office at (530) 272-6810.

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