The face of Christ in Rwanda

This small group at PEACE Lutheran Church supports the growing vision for Christ in the central African nation of Rwanda.

Bishop Mugabo is head of the Lutheran Church of Rwanda.

Bishop Mugabo is head of the Lutheran Church of Rwanda.

The Lutheran Church of Rwanda was formed in 1995, bringing a message of life, peace and hope out of the horror war and genocide. Peace Lutheran Church members were instrumental in encouraging some of the early founders of the church. They have continued to support the young church’s work ever since by contributing to the building of schools, dormitories and health clinics, and helping to educate leaders in this inspiring movement.


Donations to PEACE Lutheran Church’s Rwanda Fund support a variety of activities in Rwanda, including a high school, training for local community leaders and seminary studies for young Rwandans.

PEACE’s Rwanda Connection Committee also hosts the visits of Rwandan church leaders to our area. Members meet occasionally as needed.

We sell Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts and other products on the second Sunday of every month to support the work of the Lutheran Church of Rwanda. Look for our yummy products in the Lobby after each worship service. The Fair Trade designation ensures that producers earn a decent living from the sale of their products!

Updates from Rwanda

‘Walk for Rwanda’ links local trails to building community in Rwandan villages – September 2017

PEACE supports new library in Rwamagana – February 2015

New school educates Rwanda’s future leaders – January 2015

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