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Council Inquiry

PEACE Lutheran Church is led by a volunteer council who are elected by the congregation and guided by by-laws. The council is responsible for all aspects of running the church, including overseeing finances, staff, building and grounds, worship life, church policies and long-range planning.

Council Members:

Conni Barker – President
Rick Panos – Vice President
Ron Barker – Treasurer
Mary Muff – Co-Secretary
Marilyn Mitchell – Co-Secretary
Jim Welker
Karen Tyner
Marilyn Yerkes
Pastor Christian Schweter
Jaime Hamer
(PLCW Rep)

Pastor Christian Schweter

E-mail Pastor Christian Schweter

Hi, I am Pastor Christian. I was born in Germany, and then immigrated to Toronto / Canada in 2005 with my entire family to serve in a bilingual German – English congregation. This is how our North American adventure started. After this I have been seven years in the Near North, and now have been called to serve as pastor at Peace in Grass Valley and the wider community in Nevada County. I am here in Grass Valley with Sabine, my wife. We have four children and are happy grandparents of four grandchildren.

I am continually surprised and overwhelmed by God’s unconditional love for me and all people. I see it as my mission to connect people with this amazing love and grace of God that was and is in action in Jesus Christ. This is what I am about. God loves all people and wants them to have life, good and wholesome life inside and out. After all, we do need saving from ourselves at times.

Following Jesus daily is probably the greatest joy and the biggest challenge in my life. I guess that is what it means to be sinner and saint at the same time. It’s cool to notice how God’s Spirit is at work, changing and transforming us. I often notice it when I look back at myself 20 or 30 years ago.

Besides being a pastor, I love the outdoors (God’s fingerprints are everywhere!) – hiking, kayaking, and running (I am that crazy guy who is out running in sun, rain and snow), connecting with people, working on home improvements with my wife, and being a grandpa.

Come by for chat, call, or email me. My door is almost always open, and if not, then I am already chatting with someone else.

Peace be with you+
Pastor Christian

Sunday worship at PEACE Lutheran Church is led by Pastor Christian. 

Cathy Chmel

Office Manager
E-mail Cathy Chmel

Cathy manages the day-to-day running of the church office and handles all the scheduling and facility rentals. She brings many years of experience to this position. If you have any questions, just drop her a line or give her a call and she will be happy to help.