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PEACE Lutheran Church is led by a volunteer council who are elected by the congregation and guided by by-laws. The council is responsible for all aspects of running the church, including overseeing finances, staff, building and grounds, worship life, church policies and long-range planning.

Council Members:

Norma Toles – President
Colin Phillips – Vice President
Connie Bailey – Secretary
Ron Barker – Treasurer
Judy Kenney
Mike Philibosian
Suzi Souza
Dan Farrington
Bev Warnecke

Pastor Christian Schweter

E-mail Pastor Christian Schweter

Sunday worship services at PEACE Lutheran Church are now being led by Pastor Christian. 

If you need pastoral care, please contact us here or call the church office at (530) 273-9631.

Finally, it has actually happened. I am here at Peace Lutheran Church.

I can’t believe that it has been already six months when I officially received the call to be pastor at Peace the beginning of December. Because of the pandemic it took that long to get the work permit approved.

I am very thankful for all of you who held Sabine and me up in prayer, sent us greetings by mail, encouraged us and worked hard to get us to Grass Valley.

I have to say that God once again taught me an important lesson about trust and that God will move things in due time … that is in God’s time and not mine. That might tell you something about me and p a t i e n c e.

So, now I am here, and looking forward to meeting you all in person. I ask your patience with me as I learn your names. You are welcome to call at the church, introduce yourself, or drop by for a chat – no appointment needed.

Unfortunately, Sabine, my spouse, can’t be here yet. Again, because of Covid the US consulate only gives out very limited interview appointments. We hope that she will be here end of June. Once she has her visa, we will meet somewhere along the border and then drive together along with our dog to Grass Valley. 

I am looking forward to being your pastor and to work together to proclaim the love and mercy of God to all who need to know that they are loved. Our world needs it and we need it too.

Peace be with you+
Pastor Christian

Cathy Chmel

Office Manager
E-mail Cathy Chmel

Cathy manages the day-to-day running of the church office and handles all the scheduling and facility rentals. She brings many years of experience to this position. If you have any questions, just drop her a line or give her a call and she will be happy to help.