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Walk for Rwanda. October 10-17, 2020.

Virtual Walk 2020 Trail Photos…Click on photo below for trail photos.

On a phone or tablet – Tap on the photo to progress to the next photo.

Walk for Rwanda on the Wolf Creek Trail

Walk for Rwanda on the Wolf Creek Trail

Take a virtual Walk for Rwanda and hike the Wolf Creek Trail that starts at the North Star Mining Museum at Freeman Lane and Alison Ranch Road in Grass Valley.

Click on the first photo of the Walk for Rwanda. To progress, please click or tap to advance to next photo along the trail.

When you're done either after the live walk or the virtual walk, please contact James Line to let him know that you've completed the walk. We hope that you will also choose to make a donation for Pastor John in Rwanda.

Enjoy the walk!

Please let us know that you did WALK by sending us an email at jglynnline@yahoo.com.

Enjoy the Walk and Thank You for your time and donation for Rwanda!