Sermons by Pastor Christian Schweter

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Third Sunday after Pentecost – June 13, 2021


Do you like weeds (no, not weed, weedssss)? No? Do you like God? I hope. Well, Jesus compares God’s presence in this world with a tenacious weed: Mustard. Now to figure out how God’s presence and weed go together. Enjoy the recording of the worship service that took place June 13, 2021. We are still […]

Second Sunday after Pentecost – June 6, 2021

A house divided against itself cannot stand. Jesus makes this observation in light of charges that he is possessed. He is possessed, not by a demon, but by the Holy Spirit. We who have received the Holy Spirit through baptism have been joined to Christ’s death and resurrection and knit together in the body of […]

Holy Trinity – May 30, 2021

The Sunday of the Holy Trinity refers to a Christian understanding of God, who is One, but whom we meet in three distinct persons: Creator, Savior, and Spirit (or more traditional as Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Christians believe in a God of love. And love can only exist when there is relationship between two […]

Seventh Sunday after Easter – May 16, 2021

Before he was arrested, Jesus prayed for his disciples and for all who would come to believe in him in the future, aka us as well. The focus of his prayer is “unity”. Unity is not a warm fuzzy feeling towards each other, but mutual respect and a frank openness to share and listen with […]