Dr Karl Smith, Phd

Karl Smith talks to PEACE Lutheran Church members about the Rwamagana Lutheran School in Rwanda.

A Vision for education in Rwanda

A vision that started 10 years ago has bloomed into a school educating the future leaders of central Africa. And, Americans now have the opportunity to support this work by sponsoring a student of Rwamagana Lutheran School.

On Sunday, March 13, Karl Smith, president of the Rwanda School Project board, spoke at PEACE Lutheran Church about his passion for the school that is thriving in the Rwamagana District of Rwanda.

In 2006, Smith met with Lutheran leaders in Rwanda to discuss a site for a school. Since then, the Rwamagana Lutheran School has seen much growth and its first class of graduates, many of whom hope to continue their education at the university level. Now, 129 students are enrolled. Leaders and supporters of the school hope that the many new projects being planned for the near future will accommodate their growing student body.

The Rwanda School Project’s mission is to provide high-quality secondary education in the nation by offering a secure and nurturing environment. The program helps transform vulnerable youth into leaders and problem-solvers who will champion environmental sustainability and social change.

The genocide of 1994 saw 1 million men, woman and children killed in 40 days. Since that horror, Rwandans have come together to build the safest and fastest-growing community in Africa. They believe the path to their future lays in the education of their children, and the Rwanda School Project is an essential part of that goal.

2014 student body gathered to say “thank you!”

Members of the 2014 student body of Rwamagana Lutheran School in Rwanda gather to say, “Thank you!”

Members of PEACE Lutheran Church, and our partners in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Sierra Pacific Synod, have been sharing that passion for many years.

Members of PEACE have pledged their support for the project and, more recently, to financially sponsor one student in his or her studies ($120 per month for each student). So far, three member families have pledged their support. If you would like to join them, please contact Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan.

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