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Sunday, May 31: The Holy Trinity

by Trina Kleist

Today we contemplate the Holy Trinity. This is the three-persons-in-one-God concept that is central to Christianity – the persons of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It’s also the first Sunday after Pentecost, the day when we remembered God sending his Holy Spirit to Jesus’ followers after Jesus ascended into […]

Aging Well: Healthy brain habits explained

by Trina Kleist

Our brains don’t have to decline with age! The human brain can adapt and change with astonishing power, even into old age. With the right nutrition and exercise, the brain can form new neural pathways, change existing connections and adapt to new situations. You can maintain the size and function of your brain, improving how […]

Aging well: Eat for energy, vitality

by Trina Kleist

As we age, our appetites tend to get smaller – yet good nutrition is important for healthy aging. How to make your calories count will be discussed in “Eating for Energy and Vitality,” a free presentation from 9:15 to 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, May 20, at Peace Lutheran Church in Grass Valley. The presenter is Kathleen […]

Sunday, May 17: Fair Trade Sunday

by Trina Kleist

“I am asking… on behalf of those whom you gave me.” In the gospel for this coming Sunday, we hear Jesus praying that God protect us for our life in the world. We join with Matthias, the newly chosen disciple No. 12, to witness to Christ’s resurrection. Today is the seventh Sunday of Easter. This […]

Role of stress on energy, sleep highlighted

by Trina Kleist

Wed. May 13: “Aging Well, Staying Vital” — The effects of stress on one’s energy and ability to get a good night’s sleep will be discussed from 9:15 to 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, May 13, in Grass Valley. It’s part of a free, four-week seminar on “Aging Well, Staying Vital” offered by Kathleen O’Dae, a specialist […]