Wed. May 13: “Aging Well, Staying Vital”

— The effects of stress on one’s energy and ability to get a good night’s sleep will be discussed from 9:15 to 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, May 13, in Grass Valley.

It’s part of a free, four-week seminar on “Aging Well, Staying Vital” offered by Kathleen O’Dae, a specialist in nutrition, aging and holistic health.

Staying vital as one ages involves physical, emotional and mental health, O’Dae said. She is highlighting different aspects of this process each week in the free series offered every Wednesday in May at PEACE Lutheran Church, 828 W. Main St., near downtown Grass Valley. Coffee and baked goods are served at 9 a.m.

O’Dae is a clinical nutritionist with a practice, Balanced Mind, in Nevada City. “Aging Well, Staying Vital” is hosted by the Contemporary Issues Study  Group of PEACE Lutheran Church, which presents speakers on diverse topics of interest to the community. All are welcome.

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