The Rich Man and Lazarus

Text: Luke 16:19-31. Read it here.

We start with some lovely music by our staff organist, Walt Strony. Then, you’ll hear the Old Testament and Gospel readings. Pastor Bill Wong preaches.

Jesus reminds his listeners: Care for each other

Jesus tells a story about a rich man who eats a banquet every evening. At the rich man’s front gate lives a very poor man named Lazarus. They both die, and, in the afterlife, we find a chasm between them. It’s a chasm caused by broken relationships in their lives here on earth.

How many things get in the way, today, of the relationships God wants us to have with each other? Jesus calls on us to be united and to work together. Yet, we live in a divided world. God challenges us to cross the chasms that divide us. Together, we can rebuild our community and  our nation. God is in the people-gathering business! And no matter what we think makes us different, God calls us to care for each other.

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