“Bind us together in love!”

Text: Luke 16:1-13. Read it here.

Even the best of families experience conflict. It is the same for Christians, and for Peace Lutheran Church. The question is, how do we deal with that conflict? Today, we consider Peace’s Holy Manners Covenant, a document we have spent more than a year creating.

A Holy Manners Covenant for God’s People today

When we Christians have conflict with each other, what does the Bible tell us about how to handle it? We go through our Holy Manners Covenant line and line to learn how God wants us to handle conflict.

When we talk about the church, we really are talking about people. Without people, there can be no church! When we are together, ministry is possible.. We offer each other service, companionship and comfort. But conflict also arises — because, again, we are people. Congregations don’t want conflict, but we can’t avoid it either.

This Holy Manners Covenant is a promise that we make to each other that, when conflict does arise, we will do our best to handle it in ways that preserve our unity as the body of Christ.

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