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Ninth Sunday after Pentecost – July 25, 2021


The story of a potluck gone wrong, ends with a lot of people, nourished and satisfied, physically and spiritually. Imagine what Jesus could do today with the small things we bring to him with thanksgiving and gratitude? Enjoy watching this live recording. It is so much better in person. If you enjoyed it, come by […]

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost – July 18, 2021


Today’s worship service is all about Christ’s compassion and care. It is true, Jesus Christ cares for you and all people, their needs, their sorrows, and their joys. Allow Christ to take you by your hand, and share your happiness and sadness with him. As always, some great music as well. Thanks to all who […]

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost – July 11, 2021


Do you like it when others tell you the truth? Yes? Wow. I don’t. At least not when the truth is scratching my self-image. Herod and his wife didn’t like to hear the truth either. How do we react to an uncomfortable truth, personally and in our society? In accepting the truth about ourselves we […]