Jesus calls us to make some tough choices

Text: Luke 14:25-33. Read it here.

God meets us as our Creator, inspiring us for mission and ministry, and guiding us through some tough choices. Pastor Bill Wong preaches.

What choices will you make?

As Christians, we have to make choices. Jesus warns us, there are times when it won’t be easy. In our secular lives, our nation faces a new election cycles. We have choices to make there, too, and it won’t be easy.

Jesus’ followers had to make some very tough choices. Following Jesus meant their families might rupture and divide. Within the early Christian community, followers were asked to share their possessions. Some sacrificed their lives.

We, too, face choices as followers of Jesus. We must regularly ask ourselves, what are the things that distract us and divert our attention from God? What possesses us more than Jesus? Things? People? What is the cost of following Jesus? And, what does Jesus expect of us?

Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection show God’s love for us. That’s the choice God made in seeking us. And when we choose to follow Jesus, we also pay a cost.  So why bother? Because Jesus offers life itself! And through us, God’s love comes live for others, too.

When we attend worship services and Bible study, when we participate in activities here at Peace, we are choosing a life with God and with fellow believers. We see the face of God in others. Part of the price of following Jesus is daring to change our lives to conform to God’s will. We dare to do God’s work in the world. Each of us become the face of Jesus for others we meet.  We become a catalyst for transforming the world. Hope is alive, peace is possible, love will prevail – and it’s a choice.

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