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Jesus’ parable: Be pesky in your prayers!

The Pesky Widow and the Unjust Judge                   Text: Luke 18:1-8. Read it here. Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, teaching and healing as he goes. He tells his followers this parable about being persistent in prayer. Pastor Bill Wong preaches. In Jesus’ time, a widow was an especially vulnerable person. She normally would have […]

Feeling Lost? God will find you!


Jesus’ Parables: The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin Text: Luke 15:1-10. Read it here. We all feel lost sometimes. Or, a lot of times! Jesus promises that God will never stop looking for us, no matter where we hide. No matter what we’ve done! God loves us and wants us to be with God […]

Choices: Not always easy


Jesus calls us to make some tough choices Text: Luke 14:25-33. Read it here. God meets us as our Creator, inspiring us for mission and ministry, and guiding us through some tough choices. Pastor Bill Wong preaches. What choices will you make? As Christians, we have to make choices. Jesus warns us, there are times […]