Silent Movies with Walt Strony presents:

"The Mark of Zorro" features action, comedy & romance at 4pm Sunday, Feb. 25, at PEACE Lutheran Church.

“The Mark of Zorro” features action, comedy & romance at 4pm Sunday, Feb. 25, at PEACE Lutheran Church.

“The Mark of Zorro” – with live musical accompaniment by the nationally renowned organist Walt Strony!

Sword-fighting, chase scenes, comedy and romance await in this 1920 silent film classic starring the athletic, multi-talented Douglas Fairbanks. By day, he’s the Californio dandy Don Diego de Vega. By night, he dons a cape and mask to become Mr. Fox – “Señor Zorro”!

Zorro woos the beautiful Lolita Pulido, played by Marguerite de la Motte, while defending her from the nefarious Sgt. Gonzales, played by the venerable character actor, Noah Berry, Sr. And, Zorro stands up for the downtrodden indigenous Californians who live under the oppression of Spanish colonial snobbery.

Hall of Fame organist Walt Strony highlights the action and emotion on screen with fine, classical works. It’s a rousing experience – something like a movie and a live concert rolled into one event.

It’s a script for fun, family entertainment! All ages are welcome.

A free reception will follow the film. Wine, cheese and other refreshments will be served in a Zorro-themes setting.

“Zorro” – film’s first swashbuckler

Learn more about our presentation of “The Mark of Zorro.” It’s a production of Arts @ PEACE, which offers many secular and sacred events for our community.

A Fundraiser for PEACE Organ Fund

Please come and enjoy our free program! If you would like to make a donation, baskets will be just outside the Sanctuary to receive your gifts. All donations will support our effort to buy a new organ for our Sanctuary.

Learn more about the PEACE Organ Fund.

Last year, PEACE launched a campaign to raise money to buy a new, combination digital-pipe organ for our Sanctuary. Our present organ sounds pretty good, but like any 25-year-old computer (that’s basically what it is), it could break down at any time.

A new organ that could work with REAL PIPES would be a treasured part of the cultural scene in western Nevada County. Our whole community would benefit!

Learn more about Music at PEACE.