“Contemporary Issues” Looks at Homelessness in Nevada County

The Contemporary Issues Study Group at PEACE Lutheran Church takes up the issue of homelessness in our community in this second of two free public forums.
  • 9-11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 3:  Presenters will include Janice O’Brien from Sierra Roots, and Nancy Baglietto of Hospitality House, the area’s only shelter for homeless people.

Meet in the Old Fellowship Hall: Come in the double doors and turn toward the Office (away from the Sanctuary), and go through the second set of double glass doors. Coffee and baked goods will be served.

Let’s work together to end homelessness in western Nevada County! At PEACE, we believe God calls us to seek Him, and to love each other the way He first loved us. That includes our homeless brothers and sisters: We invite you to learn about this problem in our community and consider how we can bring healing and hope to those who are hurting so deeply.

Our first public forum on this topic is 9-11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 27: Brendan Phillips, Nevada County housing resource manager, will present. In his recently created position, Phillips is responsible for working with area nonprofits that serve homeless people, creating a plan to increase the amount of low-income and workforce housing in our area, and applying for grants to fund these projects.

Contemporary Issues Study Group

We are a diverse group of people at PEACE. We have different opinions about how we, as Christians, live out our faith each day and work in the world to show God’s love. But we agree on the importance of educating ourselves about the problems of our town and region. Then, we can consider how God calls us to respond.

The Contemporary Issues Study Group is a small group at PEACE that considers the pressing issues of our community. We offer these public meetings as a way to share this process with our neighbors.

We invite you to learn with us, and to discern and work together!

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