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Sunday, May 27: Trinity – Seeking a 3-in-1 God?

by Trina Kleist

It’s Holy Trinity Sunday! Today, we ponder this remarkable and baffling truth about God: He is Father, Son and Spirit, all one, all together. That’s why we call God a “trinity” – “three” in “unity.” Yet throughout history, we humans experience God working in us and in the world in these three distinct ways. It […]

Sunday, May 20: Today is Pentecost!

by Trina Kleist

Pentecost celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit! Our Sanctuary today is splashed with red and filled with beautiful balloons. We hope it helps you feel the mighty, sweeping, swirling, lifting up of God’s Holy Spirit! Jesus calls it “the Spirit of truth.” That’s because the truth is that God loves you, exactly as you […]

Rolling River Day Camp teaches music, science

by Trina Kleist

Camp Theme: “God is always with me” Children will learn how a loving, forgiving and patient Creator rides with them throughout their lives – especially when the waters of life get rough! – during Rolling River Day Camp, July 16-19 in downtown Grass Valley. Through music, science, storytelling, crafts and recreation, children will learn about […]

Sunday, May 13: God protects us from the Evil One!

by Trina Kleist

And, Happy Mother’s Day! When evil pounces, God is there with us – but that doesn’t mean God makes it all go away! Jesus knew his followers would draw attack and even suffer divisions within their ranks. Evil is a part of this world. So he prayed to the Father, “Protect them!” “I ask you […]