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Sunday, March 12: Gushing water!

Jesus, a shady lady, and eternal-life water! Jesus compares new life in God to a gushing spring whose water brings new life. That’s amazing news to the woman in today’s story – and maybe to you, too! This woman has quite the history. In a culture that prized chastity, she has been married to five […]

Sunday, March 12: A new beginning!

Are you looking for a new beginning? There was this guy, Nicodemus, who was beginning to wonder about Jesus. Nicodemus was a high-level man in the most influential Jewish circles of the time. Educated and analytical, steeped in the scriptures, Nicodemus wondered about this wandering preacher, Jesus, who was transforming crowds with his strange talk […]

Souper Bowl Raised $1,995!

Thank you for being “souper” this year! Each February, Youth @ PEACE participates in a nationwide campaign to support local food pantries. It’s called Souper Bowl of Caring, and it’s timed to the Super Bowl. The original idea was, if everyone who watches the Super Bowl would give just $1 to support a local food […]

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Christmas’ 12 Days Teach Us The Basics

Popular Christmas song has a secret meaning. Christmas Eve… it’s finally here. For many people it’s an opportunity to put your feet up, enjoy a glass of egg nog, a cup of hot chocolate or tea, or a glass of wine. After so much hustle and bustle getting ready, you can almost hear the collective […]

Why Bad Things Happen… and Why God Cares!

One of the biggest and most frequent mistakes we make when we read scripture, is to assign too much meaning to a single passage. While individual passages are often wonderful treasures of precious truth, it’s a mistake to ever believe that a single passage reveals the whole truth about God; in fact even our entire set of biblical books barely begins to reveal the nature and reality of God. We human beings are limited in our ability to comprehend God, so when we begin to believe we have God figured out, it’s time for a reality check.

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Installation of Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan

Installation of Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan

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Confirmation 2015

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