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Sunday, Aug. 13: It’s OK, Jesus knows you’re afraid!

So let ‘afraid’ turn to ‘a faith’! Jesus’ followers often were afraid – but Jesus kept on loving them and pushing them to “take heart” and let him nurture their faith. Even after Jesus’ most famous miracle – the feeding of the 5,000 – his followers still had trouble with their faith. (How human is […]

Sunday, Aug. 6: No one goes hungry here!

If you’re hungry, this is the right place! “Eat my bread, and you’ll never go hungry again!” – That’s Jesus’ promise. To help people get that, Jesus performed a spectacular miracle. There were all these people who had come out to see him – they had heard he could do amazing things! When Jesus saw […]

Sunday, July 30: A kingdom of mustard and yeast!

What is God’s kingdom like? Yeast, mustard and wasteful farmers – God’s kingdom features things that seem small, people that seem foolish. It’s puzzling. But that’s because God’s logic is different from human logic! These have been the subjects of Jesus’ stories the last few weeks. Jesus is trying to help folks understand this new […]

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A new mission statement on Pentecost Sunday

– June 4, 2017 – Text: Acts 2:1-42 – Today is Pentecost. We come to this Sunday that ends the Easter season in the church year anticipating an exuberant festival to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. Wait… did I say exuberant?? In a Lutheran church?? Let’s be honest here. Lutherans are not known […]

Jesus’ Ascension: Reality where God lives

– Ascension Sunday –  May 28, 2017 – Let’s talk about the ascension of Jesus. It’s one of those mysterious events that’s a source of awe and wonder for believers, and a source of skepticism and scorn from non-believers who consider the account of Jesus’ ascension to be a fantasy tale, constructed to support the […]

Do Not Be Afraid!

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 – Text: Matthew 27:62-66; 28: 1-10 In one of the parishes I served back in Pennsylvania, one of the most faithful members of the congregation was a woman whose husband almost never came to church with her. He told me once that something had happened in his past that had […]

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Installation of Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan

Installation of Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan

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Confirmation 2015

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