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Sunday, Sep. 18: God and wealth – who’s the boss?

All wealth comes from God! If God gives us a little wealth, and we manage it faithfully, he will give us true riches beyond measure. That’s the message of today’s Gospel lesson. Wealth takes many forms. In addition to material goods, it includes talent, special skills and interests. Maybe your special gift is making people […]

PEACE quilts warm Erskine Fire victims

Quilts tell folks “they’re not alone” People left homeless by the Erskine Fire in central California know “they are not alone” after receiving 21 quilts made by women of Peacemakers. The quilting group meets every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at PEACE Lutheran Church in Grass Valley. Members turn colorful scraps into art that warms […]

Updates from Louisiana

Brothers & sisters in Louisiana minister to community Sheryl Zeis is a youth worker at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge, La. She sends this report of flood recovery in her area of Louisiana — especially, what the congregation of St. Paul is doing to be the face of Christ to people who need […]

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Why Bad Things Happen… and Why God Cares!

One of the biggest and most frequent mistakes we make when we read scripture, is to assign too much meaning to a single passage. While individual passages are often wonderful treasures of precious truth, it’s a mistake to ever believe that a single passage reveals the whole truth about God; in fact even our entire set of biblical books barely begins to reveal the nature and reality of God. We human beings are limited in our ability to comprehend God, so when we begin to believe we have God figured out, it’s time for a reality check.

A Matter of Loyalty

I’m going to suggest that one of the ways we can take the time of Lent this year to strengthen our identity as loyal children of God in a very tangible way, firmly and deeply rooted in God’s word, is heeding the words of Jesus in Matthew, and feeding the hungry of our world. The leaders of our congregation have committed us to being part of the ELCA’s 40 Days of Giving for World Hunger.

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Installation of Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan

Installation of Pastor Eileen Smith LeVan

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Vacation Bible School

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Confirmation 2015

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