A preliminary task list includes the following:
1. Remove, reframe, and/or repurpose current art, wall items
2. Refresh/redesign, move, and/or get rid of old(er) displays on bulletin boards and easels
3. Consolidate library items
4. Remove or refurbish tarnished items, shoddy furniture, wall paint; remove/donate accu-mulated tchotchkes; store infrequently used and/or utility items in classroom areas
5. Reorganize areas to consolidate functions, make more appealing, workable

Please sign up for the PLC Clutter Clear-out and Clean-up Day on Saturday, April 27 when we will carry out the lion’s share of the easier tasks. Individual jobs (like having items re-framed) will be assigned for completion as needed. Help from all levels of skills and physical capabilities is appreciated—even (or especially) if to provide encouragement to those who are doing the heavy lifting, make coffee, or replenish plates of cookies. We will need tools for hanging photos, filling wall holes, and painting small areas, plus dusting, surface cleaning: if you know where any of these items (like wall paint) are at Peace, please let us know. Those who can bring their own tools and cleaners, please do so—and we will have some supplies on hand.

Thank you!