Spring brings new life – a new spirit!

Spring brings storms and gloom, yet also hope for new life!

Spring brings storms and gloom, yet also hope for new life!

Despite the gloom of storms, we plant seeds in a defiant act of hope. When we see daffodils, we know spring comes soon. The first yellow-green of our majestic oak trees yields to blossoms on lavender and redbud. New life sprouts all around us! These sights of spring fill us with a new energy.

Our faith journey is like the seasons of this beautiful Earth. Once, darkness and cold reigned. Now, light and hope fill our hearts! Especially in spring, we remember the new life Jesus the Christ bought us with his suffering, death and resurrection!

PEACE Lutheran Church offers all seekers a place to nourish your spirit. We welcome you to plant with us. We invite you to work with us as we pull out pesky weeds and put down new, strong roots.

We encourage each other at PEACE Lutheran Church as we wrestle with gophers in the garden and celebrate new growth. Understanding the message of the Bible – that God loves us and seeks us – helps us to send our roots deeper into the good soil of God’s Word. We pray that God would turn our own hearts into a garden of love, mercy and tenderness. The bread and wine of communion, worship and fellowship nourish us on this journey.

Service to others – in our words and actions – is the fruit that we bear.

“As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty.” – Matthew 13:23

Youth & Family events

We have several events for youth and families planned this Spring.

Spring Spud Spectacular – Sunday, March 26.

Easter Egg Hunt – Easter Sunday, April 16.

Family Night – Friday, May 5 & Friday, June 2

Teen Fling – Friday, May 19 & Friday, June 16

Graduation Sunday – Sunday, June 4. Our high school graduates receive beautiful quilts created by Peacemakers, our quilting group. It’s a loving send-off as they head to college.

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