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Third Sunday after Epiphany – January 24, 2021

During the Epiphany season, Jesus is revealed to us that he is the anointed one of God, the Christ, sent to save humanity and creation. As we continue through the time after Epiphany, stories of the call to discipleship show us the implications of our baptismal calling to share and show Christ to the world. […]

Third Sunday of Advent – December 13, 2020

During this Advent season, we anticipate and focus on the coming of Jesus among us and in the world. On this Third Sunday of Advent, in the reading from John, John the Baptist testifies that he was sent to be the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord. […]

It Matters To Be Chosen!

Paul message is that matters that we look like Christ. It matters that we are chosen. It matters that we’re adopted. It matters what we reflect in life, in our daily lives of faith. So, it matters to be chosen because we are blessed.

Signs and Seasons: Living for the Day of the Lord!

Sermons during Advent

Advent is about waiting. Advent is about a journey into the darkness (almost literally as we approach the shortest day of the year) so that we can be ready for the Light of Christ. Advent is about waiting both for eternity, and waiting for the first light that God sent into the world in Jesus. Advent is all about waiting.