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Second Sunday after Pentecost – June 14, 2020

For this  Second Sunday after Pentecost, we continue our journey with Jesus and his disciples through the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus is on the road sharing the good news of the kingdom and healing people. Jesus also sends his disciples out to do likewise, very much like laborers into the harvest. In baptism we too […]

Healing Takes Many Forms

What are the ways you need healing? Text: Luke 13:10-17. Read it here. We’ll start with a short musical introduction, then continue with the Bible readings for today and the sermon by Pr. Bill Wong. In today’s story, Jesus is at it again — healing on the sabbath. THis time, it’s a woman who has […]

What Does Faith Look Like?

What I read here is this: in their vulnerability and weakness, these people have no claim on Jesus except their brokenness. Their brokenness makes them vulnerable. Their brokenness makes them needy. But they do not run from that brokenness. They claim it. They embrace it. They confess it. They let it become a motive for going to Jesus. In Jesus’ presence they let their pain and despair be heard and in their groaning open up their life stories to Jesus. It is their openness that becomes the faith that brings them healing. While those with no “faith” are willing to remain enmeshed it their patterns of always seeking to control their own lives.