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Ash Wednesday – February 22, 2023


Jesus calls us into costly discipleship, to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him. Being a Christian means to allow our old self to die and to find life and purpose in following Jesus Christ by serving others. Start the season of Lent with repentance and prayer. Only the ashes can’t be transferred […]

Ash Wednesday – February 17, 2021

We begin the season of Lent, when we venture on a forty-day journey with Jesus, focusing on repentance, renewal, reconciliation, and God’s relationship with us through Jesus Christ. On Ash Wednesday we begin our forty-day journey toward Easter with a day of fasting and repentance. Marking our foreheads with dust, we acknowledge that we die […]

Church is Something You Are, Not Where You Go: Jesus is the Mission!


“I am church” is much more. “I am church” about who we are. “We are church” is an all the way through identity. “I am church” is the essence of our inner being, our inner commitment. Being Church is the fruit of the essence of being deeply connected, rooted in Jesus, and filled with Jesus. “We are church” is at the heart of who we are as God’s people.