Celebrate with us at Christmas!

Christmas angel

Our Christmas angel evokes the Good News announced to shepherds on that first Christmas.

“From Heaven Above.” Today is Christmas Day, so we have one worship service, at 11 a.m. We welcome you to experience a special event as we experience, through music, song, prayer and Scripture, God’s arrival on Earth in human form – Jesus!

Martin Luther wrote a Christmas carol, “From Heaven Above,” based on a refrain used for a 16th-century singing game. In the game, the song sets up a riddle to be solved. During our worship today, we use this carol as a framework for our service. Our music will tease with this loving and gentle game.

Here’s the riddle: Within the story of Jesus’ birth, who would have proclaimed this text?

“From heaven above to earth I come, to bear good news to every home! Glad tidings of great joy I bring, to all the world, and gladly sing.”

In the hymn, the stanzas in quotation marks become the words of the angels rejoicing at Jesus’ birth, while the other stanzas offer commentary and prayers. God answers the riddle of sin – our condition of being separate from God – by sending Jesus into our world. Jesus’ birth sets us free to proclaim with the angels, “Glory to God in highest heaven, who unto us the Son have given.”

During today’s worship service, we invite you to partake in a dialogue, of sorts, held by the witnesses to the first Christmas.

As Jesus’ early followers said, “Come and see!”

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