When disaster strikes, God hears our cries!

We invite you to stand with our neighbors where disasters have struck along the Gulf Coast, in the Caribbean, in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, in Mexico and in the American West. Record-setting hurricanes, powerful earthquakes and enormous wildfires may make us feel helpless, alone and scared. But we know the One who created us always loves us and listens to us, no matter what goes on in the world!
What you can do:


This prayer comes from our “Prayer Book for the Armed Services.” We invite you to feel God’s Spirit bringing you hope and courage.
Loving God, we come to you trusting in your mercy and knowing that your steadfast love lasts forever.  Look with mercy on those who harmed or displaced by floodwaters and storm damage on the Gulf Coast, in the Caribbean, ow Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.
We offer prayers for those affected by the earthquake in Mexico. And we lift up all those impacted by high temperatures and fires in the West.
Give all victims of these disasters your strength to meet the challenges of the days, weeks and months ahead. May they feel your peace, which surpasses all understanding. May they feel renewed hope for restoration and rebuilding.
Move in those who are able to give aid, that we may be your heart and hands on Earth.  Be with all who offer assistance; may your Spirit uphold them.
You have made water a sign of cleansing and rebirth in you, earthquake a sign of your power, and fire a symbol of your Spirit. So grant us vision to see new life on the other side of disasters.
Help us to find ways to praise you even in the midst of disasters. Through Jesus Christ, your dear Son.  Amen


At PEACE Lutheran Church, we stand by all our neighbors affected by these disasters. Already, we have raised more than $10,000 for response to Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.

CLICK HERE to donate. All funds raised go to Lutheran Disaster Response, an outreach of the ELCA. Lutheran Disaster Response’s affiliates, companion churches and international partners are collaborating with community leaders and government officials to respond to these crises. 


We all need God’s Spirit in our lives! Each Sunday, we gather to seek God’s nourishment. Through hearing God’s Word and sharing in the Sacraments, we receive strength, clarity and new resolve to face our daily worries. In fellowship, we encourage each other and find brotherly love that sustains us through hard times.

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