Ending “isms”

Discrimination in all its forms will be tackled by a new task force that will start meeting in Grass Valley.

Members of the new Dismantling Racism Task Force will meet at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30, at Peace Lutheran Church, 828 W. Main St., near downtown Grass Valley. It grew out of a series of workshops held earlier this month on the topic, said organizer David Baker, of Lake Wildwood.

The series was sparked by the racially motivated shootings this summer in Charleston, S.C. People attending the anti-racism workshops asked the question, “What are we going to do about it?” Baker said.

All people interested in the topic are welcome to attend, and Baker especially is eager to welcome other faith congregations in the task. The work of dealing with social “isms” can find nourishment in the belief that God loves all people, added Baker, a retired Lutheran minister.

Western Nevada County is one of the whitest areas in California, which could make people wonder why racism would be considered an issue here. “That’s why we need to deal with it,” Baker said. “It manifests in a variety of ways, including classism and culturalism… and many ways that we are not aware of.”

Baker can be reached at dngbaker@comcast.net or (530) 432- 8935. For more about Peace Lutheran Church, visit www.PeaceLutheranGV.org.

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