During June, we at PEACE have the opportunity to support San Francisco Night Ministry through Second-Mile Giving.

Night Ministry provides compassionate and non‐judgmental pastoral care, counseling, referral services and crisis intervention to those in any kind of need or distress during the night.

Here’s what those at Night Ministry have to say about what they do:

San Francisco Night Ministry offers compassionate pastoral care.

The “after-hours church” that ministers to anyone in distress.

“San Francisco Night Ministry, now at 50 years, is often referred to as the Church’s “Night Shift.”  We are engaged in over 21,000 significant conversations, and serve over 9,500 meals each year, becoming an important bridge and steady support for many people as they face the darkness of the night, but not alone.  We provide compassionate, non-judgmental pastoral care, care of the soul, counseling, referrals, and crisis intervention to anyone in any kind  of distress, every night of the year between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. ”

Click here for more information about San Francisco Night Ministry.

To donate, write your check to PEACE Lutheran Church and write “Second Mile Giving – Night Ministry” in the memo line. You may play your check in the offering envelope on Sunday or mail it to the church.

Thank you for your support of this unique and worthy program!