This will be a big day at PEACE Lutheran Church, when we will celebrate our faith in a variety of ways. It’s all connected to our baptismal calling to love and worship God and to serve God’s creation in many ways, using our God-given gifts. During our worship services on Sunday, April 26, we will celebrate living out our baptismal vows by:

  • Forming disciples (Confirmation)

    Youth take leadership roles in worship services.

    Youth take leadership roles in worship services.

  • Nurturing disciples (Youth & family leadership)
  • Welcoming disciples (Brothers & sisters new to PEACE)
  • Remembering who leads us (It’s also Good Shepherd Sunday, and youth will lead the congregation in reciting the 23rd Psalm)
  • Serving the world as Jesus commanded us. Youth @ PEACE will ask the congregation to support ELCA World Malaria Sunday, April 26, through the following activities:
    •  30-Hour Famine April 24-26 (Accompanying the hungry)
    • ELCA Malaria Campaign (Preventing illness & healing the sick)

We are asking youth and families to:

  1. Sign up for a job at either service
  2. Memorize the 23rd Psalm — For a copy of Psalm 23, click here

We are asking others to:

  1. Pray for our youth and families – An announcement will be made at the April 12 worship services. Congregation members will be asked to pray for our youth and families by name.
  2. Celebrate on April 26 with us! We will have a reception of cake and punch in the Fellowship Center after each service. Everyone is welcome!Spud15_Foodtabale_2015-03-22 12.06.56

We believe in the power of prayer. Even if you can’t come on April 26, please pray for all God’s faithful people. Especially, pray for the young disciples who are learning to walk the Jesus Path, and for the mature disciples who are mentoring them.

We believe in the power of God’s Holy Spirit to change the world. Martin Luther taught that the Holy Spirit, working through us, as we hear and share God’s Word and live a faithful life, brings the Kingdom of God into existence among us, here and now.

Celebration of Faith Sunday is one way we remember this power as it shapes our lives and our calling as children of God.

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