— Thank you! You can imagine the excitement at Interfaith Food Ministry, our local, faith-based food pantry, when they reached their goal of raising $30,000 in only two weeks! What a testimony to God’s power to bless the efforts of his people as we reach out to our hungry neighbors.

The response of caring people to the fundraising drive was “immediate and generous,” said IFM Executive Director Sue Van Son.

Now, matching funds of another $30,000 will be given by anonymous donors who started this heartfelt campaign. This is enough money to buy fresh meat for two months. IFM supports more than 3,000 western Nevada County households every month with fresh produce, milk and eggs, and staples including beans, rice and pasta. This campaign will help people achieve a better diet.

IFM continues to need donations, so please don’t hesitate to give if you haven’t already.

Peace is one of 15 area churches that support IFM, we have a representative on the IFM board, and many of our members volunteer there. To learn more about PEACE’s walk with Interfaith Food ministry, click here.

To learn more about Interfaith Food Ministry, click here.