Bearing Spiritual Fruit

In Autumn, we see the results of summer. Earth’s living things have grown for months. Now, they ripen and bear fruit. Our spirits are the just the same! If you are looking for a place to nourish your spirit, we welcome you to grow with us.

Autumn colors can remind us of the fire of God's Spirit in us!

Autumn colors can remind us of the fire of God’s Spirit in us!

At PEACE Lutheran Church, we walk together during planting, growth and harvest. We encourage each other as we find nourishment. Understanding the message of the Bible – that God loves us and seeks us – helps us to put down strong roots and send them deeper. The bread and wine of communion, worship together and fellowship with each other help us to grow stronger.

Service to others – in our words and actions – is the fruit that we bear.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” – Galatians 6:22-23a

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Our social rhythms reflect the natural world, too. Vacations are past and school has started up again. Nights are cool. Crops are being harvested. Nature’s colors around us now are red, yellow and gold – flowers, leaves and good things to eat!

In our spiritual lives, we ponder the links among journeys, endings and new beginnings. If we look, we find signs of God’s generous love in the many Bible stories offering lessons in patience, trust and humility. We start to see the difference between God’s plans and worldly plans, God’s thoughts and human thoughts.

Seeds of faith, planted in good soil and tended, bear amazing fruit that blesses us and everyone around us!

A Calendar to Nourish Your Spirit

We call this period Time After Pentecost – the time in the church calendar between Pentecost Sunday (this year on May 24) and Christ the King Sunday (this year on Nov. 22).

Pentecost marks the time when God sent his Holy Spirit to Jesus’ followers. They were mired in confusion and fear: Their teacher, Jesus, had been persecuted and brutally executed, had risen from the dead, had walked and eaten with them but was somehow changed. This transformed Jesus had given them instructions to share his Message of God’s love with all creation, then had ascended into Heaven.

But Jesus had promised his friends he would not leave them alone, that he would always be with them: He would send a helper and advocate that would give them amazing power, strength and courage! That advocate came to them, whooshing into their lives and setting them on fire!

“My kingdom is not from this world.” – John 18:36

On Christ the King Sunday (this year, Nov. 26). we Lutherans remember that Jesus is the forever-king of both the spiritual and the material world, working in both realms, through the Holy Spirit, to bring about God’s plan for all people. We remember that Jesus is our forever-pastor, walking with us today, leading us in his Path, always at the right hand of God the Father, praying with us when we pray and taking our worries and troubles to our Father.

Advent is the next season in the church calendar, starting on Sunday, Dec. 3. It marks the beginning of a new church year and a new spiritual cycle. We start by preparing for the coming of God’s Anointed One as a baby at Christmas.

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