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The ‘Already There’ Miracle!

The miracle is in the seed, not in the soil. The miracle is in the seed, not in the tending of the farmer. The Kingdom is in the “already there” working of the seed. What matters is that the seed has an opportunity to do what seeds do.

The Nature of Discipleship

Time After Epiphany

The study was on the calling of the disciples. It was on how those first disciples dropped everything to follow Christ. Pastor Bill’s purpose was to get people to start thinking about their call to Christ. So, the question he asked was: “If Jesus were to come up to you and say: “Follow me!” what would be your response?”

The King Has You Covered!

By the time this part of the Pentecost season rolls around we start to hear a fair amount of “Kingdom” language. We are reading those parts of the Jesus story from Jesus’ last days on earth. At the end of Jesus’ ministry, the focus and attention had turned to his own death. Using stories and parables, Jesus paints pictures of a vision for God’s perfect Kingdom and God’s eternal reign.