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Mary, Did You Know?

Mary: A model of trust in God A song often sung at Christmas is called, “Mary, Did You Know?” The words are address to Mary, wondering, as she looks at her newborn son, whether she knew what his life would be like, what miracles he would perform, what suffering he would endure, and what he […]

Baptism is Dangerous!

Uncomfortable. Threatened. Panicked. Even scared. We should be uncomfortable when it comes to baptism. We should be panicking when we really think about the power that is release by the Almighty when His Spirit comes to action in our lives. We should be even more scared when God drops down on us with the Holy Spirit.

Being Prepared!

In Jesus day, a wedding was a wedding too. After the “engagement” there was a formal religious ceremony in the bride’s home. After that was all over, there was the wedding banquet (feast), generally at night, at the house of the groom. It generally lasted seven days and could take place right after the ceremony or weeks later.

God’s Seeking Love!

The Bible is also a panorama of love gained and lost. In fact, most of the story of salvation has to do with God’s enduring fidelity over and against human rejection. God never stops reaching out to those who reject God’s generous faithfulness.