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Do Not Be Afraid!

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 – Text: Matthew 27:62-66; 28: 1-10 In one of the parishes I served back in Pennsylvania, one of the most faithful members of the congregation was a woman whose husband almost never came to church with her. He told me once that something had happened in his past that had […]

The ‘Already There’ Miracle!

The miracle is in the seed, not in the soil. The miracle is in the seed, not in the tending of the farmer. The Kingdom is in the “already there” working of the seed. What matters is that the seed has an opportunity to do what seeds do.

Each In Their Own Language!

Each one of the people there heard the story of God in their own language. Each person, each and every person, people from every end of the earth, heard and understood the power and force of God in a language they understood.