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Jesus’ Commitment, Our Commitment

Jesus made a commitment to us. How will we respond? TEXT: Luke 9:51-62. Read it here. Commitment forms the foundation of our relationships with each other. Marriage, employment and other commitments underscore our understanding that we are all in this life together. Through that lens, we read today’s Gospel story of Jesus “setting his face […]

You gotta Die a little! ( Promises )


Jesus would say it a different way. Jesus says, “You gotta die a little” in being a faithful follower of God. There is a giving up of self (that means our desire to control everything) in order to honor the father. One has to lose ones’ self to save life. There is dying in order to rise to his glory.

Fish Stick Jesus: Christ is King

Fiction? Truth. Real life sightings of Jesus – “God in action”. ”God sightings”. Our expression of a desire to see God in action, our desire to know Christ. Someone found the face of Jesus in a fish stick. Another found Mary, the mother of Jesus, on a grilled cheese sandwich.