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“Gabriel & the Gang of Angels”

Children’s Christmas-Epiphany message: Based on the appearances of heavenly beings in the Christmas stories of Matthew and Luke. Youth Present an Angelic Christmas Message PEACE Lutheran Church’s program for young disciples, Youth @ PEACE Sunday School, presents the Christmas program on Epiphany Sunday. “Gabriel and the Gang of Angels” presents God’s plan for salvation from […]

Expecting the Unexpected at the Temple of God

Text for the Day: Luke 2:22-40 – Simeon & Anna in the Temple Images of the Temple: Revealing an unexpected salvation Luke’s gospel draws the Temple in Jerusalem as an important symbol. The gospel opens at the Temple, where a priest named Zechariah is chosen by lot to enter the sanctuary of the Lord and […]

Mary, Did You Know?

Mary: A model of trust in God A song often sung at Christmas is called, “Mary, Did You Know?” The words are address to Mary, wondering, as she looks at her newborn son, whether she knew what his life would be like, what miracles he would perform, what suffering he would endure, and what he […]

Christmas’ 12 Days Teach Us The Basics

Popular Christmas song has a secret meaning. Christmas Eve… it’s finally here. For many people it’s an opportunity to put your feet up, enjoy a glass of egg nog, a cup of hot chocolate or tea, or a glass of wine. After so much hustle and bustle getting ready, you can almost hear the collective […]

The Word of Love that Changes Everything

Second Sunday of Christmas, January 3, 2016 Let’s imagine that as this new year is beginning, we looked around us and thought “As I look back on 2015, it seems as though there were some remarkable things that happened. Some that were really good, some that were less than stellar and some that were downright […]