Silent Films with Walt Strony presents: “The Phantom of the Opera”

"The Phantom of the Opera" silent film classic screens for free at 4pm Sunday, Oct. 8.

“The Phantom of the Opera” silent film classic screens for free at 4pm Sunday, Oct. 8.

This free screening of the silent film classic “The Phantom of the Opera” is a first for western Nevada County. No offering will be taken; however, donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted for PEACE Lutheran Church’s Organ Fund — a long-term campaign to buy a new organ, with real pipes and improved sound, for our Sanctuary.

Actor Lon Chaney’s stunning performance as the lead role in “Phantom” will stir modern audiences more than 90 years after the silent film’s release.

Experience silent film the way it was originally intended: With live musical accompaniment!

Organist Walt Strony will perform live music accompanying this greatest of all silent films. Our presentation will be of the restored, 1929 edited version, which is shorter, tighter and shows more advanced technology than the 1925 original.

Strony’s performance will “not be a concert,” he says. Instead, his music will evoke and underscore the emotions portrayed on-screen by the actors.

“Phantom” will screen with Strony’s accompaniment on PEACE’s Allen organ and a special guest “appearance” by soprano Anne Vaaler, who will perform three arias. Vaaler will stand behind the projection screen and sing during “Phantom” opera scenes.

The story of “Phantom” unfolds during the performance of the opera Faust in the Paris Opera House. Chaney plays a horribly disfigured former magician who lives in forgotten waterways beneath the theater. He first tutors, then falls obsessively in love with, the young singer Christine, played by Mary Philbin.

Please join us for a wine-and-cheese reception in our Fellowship Center after the film.

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