Musings about hunger…

I am in the midst of preparing a presentation for our Sierra Pacific Synod Assembly, on behalf of our synod Hunger Network, about the 1000 Days campaign. The 1000 Days campaign is a world-wide effort to improve nutrition during the first 1000 days of a child’s life, from conception through age 2. During these critical days, primary development is occurring for the child’s physical body and for their brain.

If babies are not nourished adequately during this time, they are likely to suffer from physical stunting and brain damage that is IRREVERSIBLE! No matter how well they are nourished after this time frame, the damage that has occurred cannot be reversed.

We have a tendency to assume that this happens mostly in children in other places, such as India or Africa, where we hear of widespread poverty and poor living conditions. While it is a major problem in these places, it is also a concern right here at home. Mothers who are in poor economic circumstances often have diets that are lacking in essential nutrients during their pregnancies, which has serious consequences for their babies. After birth, a continued diet that does not include healthy foods compounds that damage, and may create additional health problems that will affect the child for the rest of their life.

Our support for ministries that combat hunger and educate mothers about good nutrition, both at home and abroad, are ways that we help to care for the precious children of our world.

Have a blessed week!

Pr. Eileen