It’s a new year – ready for new life?

New life in the New Year can be so ordinary. Back to work, back to school, back to the routine. Wouldn’t you like your New Year to be the start of a new life?

Here’s a way to live Christmas all year round: Remember that Jesus’ birth is the core of what we celebrated at Christmas. And what is the overriding theme of Jesus’ birth?

God’s love poured out amid ordinariness.

Jesus came to earth in humble circumstances. He was born in a stable – according to tradition, a stable that was built into a cave. His dad was a carpenter. His mom was a housewife. They were working people. They lived in a backwater of the empire.

 “He was called Jesus.” – Luke 2:21

Today, we remember the ceremony in which Jesus received his name; its Hebrew root means something akin to “he saves his people.” It sounds fancy now, but it wasn’t then. Even the names of this Holy Family – “Jesus,” “Mary” and “Joseph” – were common in their day.

What does it mean for the God of Creation to appear in such an ordinary form? What if God appeared to you, each day, in the same ordinary way? All of a sudden, the ordinary moments of our lives become possibilities for God – working in us and through us and for us. That, indeed, leads us to new life!

At PEACE, we invite you to start your new life with us. We’re working on new lives, too! (And, by the way, did you know that it’s still Christmas??)

Pastor Eileen Smith Le Van preaches today.

Today’s Bible readings: Numbers 6:22-27; Psalm 8; Galatians 4:4-7; Luke 2:15-21. Click here to read them.

Coming up at PEACE

  • Donations – All offerings for 2016 need to be in the church office no later than Dec. 30 at 12 noon.        
  • Vacations – The church office will be closed on Friday, Dec. 30, and Monday, Jan. 2. Pastor Eileen Smith Le Van will be on vacation Jan. 3-16.
  • Panda Day! – We have two talented Peace youth in the Nevada Union High School Instrumental Music Program. Here’s a fun and easy way to support them in their music: Eat Chinese food! On Wednesday, Jan. 4, Panda Express will give 20% of sales to the NU band program. Just go from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. to the store at 688 Sutton Way (near Grocery Outlet) and tell the cashier you are supporting the NU Band. Thank you!
  • Healing Through Loss and Grief — This free, 14-week course can help lift the burden of sorrow after death, divorce, illness, job loss, moves and other kinds of losses. It’s at 6 p.m. on Thursdays starting Jan. 12 at the FREED Center, 2059 Nevada City Highway, Suite 104 in Grass Valley. It’s in the gray building on the corner across from Lumberjack Restaurant. Participants create a support group for each other as they go through this amazing, even life-changing course. Learn more at
  • More Coming EventsLearn more about events at PEACE here.

Adult Bible Study

No Adult Forum today – Happy New Year!

Most Sundays, the Adult Forum meets in the Old Fellowship Hall at 10 a.m. Stop in the Fellowship Center around the corner to pick up coffee & baked goods!

Sunday School for children & youth

No Sunday School today. We will resume Jan. 8.

Youth @ PEACE is our all-ages Bible study, where young disciples learn the core stories of our faith and what it means to walk the Jesus Path. Bring your questions, doubts and challenges to God, the Bible and the Church – they are welcome here!

In the fall, we learned stories from the Old Testament. In January, we shift to the New Testament, starting with stories about Jesus’ early life. We welcome all who yearn to learn more about our loving, gracious Creator!

We start at 9:45 a.m. every Sunday, downstairs in the Youth Room. Young people of all ages are welcome!

Bible memory verses: Kids can earn Bible Bucks for verses they memorize and redeem them for cool prizes! Our goal is for young people to bring God’s word deep into their hearts, supporting a lifetime of faith.

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