Do you have time to welcome the divine?

We are so busy. Our lives often are chaotic. We hardly have time for the basics, let alone going to church and reading the Bible.

But we want God in our lives, right? Today’s stories tell of Abraham welcoming God into his home when the Lord appeared as a stranger on the road. We accompany Martha, who had invited Jesus into her home, but then was too busy to sit and listen to him. We hear Paul reminding the Christians of Colossi that they were “once strangers and hostile” to God’s message of love.

Jesus makes peace between us and God. He reaches through the chaos of our busy lives, the hostility of our human-focused hearts, to give us peace and hope.

Take time this Sunday to welcome God into your heart. We at PEACE Lutheran Church welcome all those who yearn to feel God’s presence in their lives!

“Martha welcomed Jesus into her home.” – Luke 10:38

It’s the season after Pentecost! All summer long, we see the ways we are growing in our faith as we walk the Jesus Path!

Today’s Bible Readings: Genesis 18:1-10a; Psalm 15; Colossians 1:15-28; Luke 10:38-42

Today’s Sermon: Preached by Pastor Eileen Smith Le Van


We Lutherans really enjoy our coffee & baked goodies, so please, come have a little something with us! After each worship service, we gather in our Fellowship Center for refreshments and conversation. Come make new friends!


Meet at 10 a.m. in the Old Fellowship Hall. Pastor Eileen Smith Le Van leads the Adult Forum.


We’re on break for the summer, but stay posted for Family Night events.

Youth @ Peace is our all-ages Bible study, teaching key Bible stories – the cornerstone for a lifetime of faith. Younger readers, tweens and teens open each session together, have break-out groups for age-appropriate reading and discussion, then regroup for a joint closing. We also have large-group activities. Contact Trina Kleist for more information: or call/txt (530) 575-6132.

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