Sermons by Pastor Tom Miller

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Flock and Herd?

THE SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST–B Pr. 11; LECTIONARY 16 July 19, 2015 Peace Lutheran, Grass Valley CA THE FUNNIES: Sitting by the window of her convent one evening, Sister Barbara opened a letter from her parents which contained a $100 bill. Sister Barbara smiled at the gesture.  While she read the letter, she noticed a […]

It Matters To Be Chosen!

Paul message is that matters that we look like Christ. It matters that we are chosen. It matters that we’re adopted. It matters what we reflect in life, in our daily lives of faith. So, it matters to be chosen because we are blessed.

What Does Faith Look Like?

What I read here is this: in their vulnerability and weakness, these people have no claim on Jesus except their brokenness. Their brokenness makes them vulnerable. Their brokenness makes them needy. But they do not run from that brokenness. They claim it. They embrace it. They confess it. They let it become a motive for going to Jesus. In Jesus’ presence they let their pain and despair be heard and in their groaning open up their life stories to Jesus. It is their openness that becomes the faith that brings them healing. While those with no “faith” are willing to remain enmeshed it their patterns of always seeking to control their own lives.

’Servant’ vs. ‘Friend’ Model For Love

Spring time at Peace Lutheran Church, Grass Valley

When Jesus says that we a ‘friend’, that implies a living relationship. It implies a connection. The relationship elicits the responses and behaviors of love. Being friends is all about “done”. It is about nothing related to the past—it’s already done, it is already past. The relationship is based now on a present reality of a present love. The relationship looks to the future and exploring new ways of life together.

How to Be a ‘Successful’ Sheep – Good Shepherd Sunday

Spring time at Peace Lutheran Church, Grass Valley

The Fourth weekend of Easter has traditionally been “Good Shepherd” Sunday, a day for us to connect to the wonderful Biblical image of Jesus as Shepherd.Today I don’t want to focus so directly on the shepherd. I want to focus on the sheep. My idea is that the successful sheep humbles himself or herself before the shepherd to be part of the Shepherd’s plan and thus enjoy the shepherd’s abundance.

God’s Eraser – the forgiveness of sins

Easter 3B April 19, 2015 Peace Lutheran Church, Grass Valley, CA A STORY: Emily Habben’s (Wilmar MN) 5 year old had been working on saying the Lord’s Prayer for some time. One day she asked if he would recite it. Enthusiastic to share something he had learned, he ceremoniously began his recitation and spoke the […]

So…What Is Easter?

Spring time at Peace Lutheran Church, Grass Valley

We rejoice that God has smashed the status quo and turned the tables on all the priorities of the world. We live in the promise that all best are off, all expectations are reversed because Jesus is Lord. Easter people know that in the resurrection of Jesus live has purpose and meaning and that in Him we are included in His mission as an awesome and non-negotiable responsibility. Crash helmets indeed!