Please note: We encourage all who are high risk, not feeling well, or uncomfortable with returning to church at this time to stay comfortably at home and watch the online worship service. There is no obligation to return to in-person worship. We want you to be healthy and well.

Welcome back to in-person worship at Peace Lutheran Church! 

While we are delighted that you have joined us at this in-person worship service, we are still aware of the risks. So that it will run as smoothly and be as low-risk as possible, we appreciate you following these guidelines.

Welcome back to in-person worship at Peace Lutheran Church! While we are delighted that you have joined us at this in-person worship service, we are still aware of the risks.

  1. Face masks are mandatory – please bring yours if you have one. Single-use masks will be made available to persons who do not bring a mask. Masks must cover your nose and mouth. No face mask, no admission to in-person worship.
  2. Service will be held in the sanctuary, which will be well-ventilated (bring a sweater if needed!). Plastic shields will be used to separate the pastor and the soloist from the congregation and to airborne contaminants.
  3. There are spaced floor markers leading to the welcome desk for sign-in. When you sign in, this gives us a list of all present at worship in case a positive COVID-19 case should arise and require contact tracing.
  4. Please pick up a program in the narthex (take it home or recycle it in the narthex after service) and place your offering in the plates by the entry doors inside the sanctuary.
  5. The two restrooms in the narthex will be available for use, one person at a time; please lock the deadbolt behind you when it is your turn.
  6. Click here for the worship checklist to keep you safeHand sanitizer will be available in the Atrium, narthex, and sanctuary – please use liberally as you need.
  7. We request everyone sit at least 6 feet apart: Couples and family who reside in the same household may sit together but single worshippers should sit separately.
  8. Please move directly to your seat and remain seated during the service. Please refrain from touching or direct contact with other parishioners: no handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, etc. Smiles, nods, bows, and waves are okay!
  9. The service will be simpler and shorter than usual with no reciting out loud (if you wish, you can silently mouth the words or hum). Music will be provided by instrumentalists and soloists.
  10. After service, please exit the church immediately as directed by the ushers. Do not remain in the narthex or the Atrium. At this time, we cannot offer any fellowship inside the church. If you wish to talk with Pastor Christian or with other members, please do so outdoors in the parking lot and continue to maintain social distance.

We are glad to see you today at Peace Lutheran Church!

We want to hear your thoughts and concerns. Please contact Pr. Christian or Cathy Chmel if you would like to talk about any aspect of what we have planned for worship at PLC.