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Sunday, Feb. 25: Get ready to lose your life!

by Trina Kleist

Is this really the life you want, anyway? Jesus’ idea about life might surprise you: Lose it to find it. And what you find will be way, way, way better than anything you imagined. Life for God. Life for others. Life fuller and sweeter than whatever you thought was so much fun before you lost […]

Sunday, Feb. 18: Invite Jesus into your wilderness!

by Trina Kleist

Are you tired of navigating the wilderness alone? It’s all too human to think we can go it alone. Family, friends, job, education, interests, passions, political ideals, economic constructs – we think those are the things that comfort, sustain and protect us. And then, those things let us down. After all, they’re only human, or […]

Ashes to Go: Get yours on the run Feb. 14

by Trina Kleist

Ash Wednesday for the busy believer! For people who don’t have time to get to church for the traditional start to Lent on Feb. 14, PEACE Lutheran Church in Grass Valley offers a solution: Ashes to go. Commuters and folks on their lunch breaks can drive to the church at 828 W. Main St. and […]

Sunday, Feb. 11: Survive the fog of daily life!

by Trina Kleist

Jesus appears to us – then the fog of life returns! Right? Isn’t that how life works? We get a little glimpse of the truth, the eternal. Then the fog of everyday life swamps us again. We experience a moment of clarity and peace. We may even feel the hand of God resting on us […]