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Sunday, Oct. 1: Intention vs. action!

by Trina Kleist

Will you follow your good intention with action? God plants a good intention in your heart – will you follow through and take action? Lots of vineyards grew in Jesus’ time. In today’s story, Jesus tells of a family grape-growing business: A dad asks his first son to go work. The son says, “Yeah, I’ll […]

Sunday, Sept. 24: God’s ‘generous’ makes us jealous!

by Trina Kleist

God has a different way of being generous! It’s good to be generous. But God’s way of being generous makes our way look like nothing! Today’s Bible story makes that clear, and it makes us pretty uncomfortable. Jesus tells another parable about the “kingdom of heaven” and how we can understand it. His story relates […]

‘Walk for Rwanda’ raises $4K+ so far

by Trina Kleist

Thank you for making Rwanda walk a success! Early reports show than $4,000 in donations came in over the weekend in support of PEACE Lutheran Church’s “Walk for Rwanda.” More donations are expected this week – and you can still donate to this great cause by going to our secure donation portal! “Walk for Rwanda” […]

Prayer, support for victims of Natural Disasters

by Trina Kleist

When disaster strikes, God hears our cries! We invite you to stand with our neighbors where disasters have struck along the Gulf Coast, in the Caribbean, in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, in Mexico and in the American West. Record-setting hurricanes, powerful earthquakes and enormous wildfires may make us feel helpless, alone and scared. But […]

Sunday, Sept. 10: You gather, I come!

by Trina Kleist

When we gather, God’s love comes to us! When we gather in a community of faith, in the name of Jesus, Jesus promises that he stands there among us. That’s the message of today’s story: You gather, I’m there. I come. But we have to gather. With all of our faults and fears. With all […]

Houston fund raises $9K+ for relief

by Trina Kleist

Audience rains love on Houston People donated close to $8,000 at PEACE Lutheran Church’s recent fundraising concert to support relief and rebuilding in the Houston, Texas, area, devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The impromptu “Texas Hurricane Fundraising Concert” drew at least 170 people to hear 31 musicians perform at PEACE in Grass Valley, Calif., on Sunday. […]