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Sunday, April 2: Life or death?

by Trina Kleist

Will you choose death or life? God already chose you a long time ago. You can choose to turn away, and that’s OK. But if you open your heart to God, guess what? You get life – and bunches of it! Life and death – and God’s life-giving Spirit – run through all of today’s […]

Sunday, March 26: Get lit!

by Trina Kleist

Jesus invites you to get lit! When someone says, “that’s lit,” these days it means something is cool or pleasing or maybe even exciting. A somewhat older meaning is that a person is quite drunk, as in, “wow, he was really lit.” Both these meanings have in their background the idea of light, of shining […]

Sunday, March 19: Gushing water!

by Trina Kleist

Jesus, a shady lady, and eternal-life water! Jesus compares new life in God to a gushing spring whose water brings new life. That’s amazing news to the woman in today’s story – and maybe to you, too! This woman has quite the history. In a culture that prized chastity, she has been married to five […]

Sunday, March 12: A new beginning!

by Trina Kleist

Are you looking for a new beginning? There was this guy, Nicodemus, who was beginning to wonder about Jesus. Nicodemus was a high-level man in the most influential Jewish circles of the time. Educated and analytical, steeped in the scriptures, Nicodemus wondered about this wandering preacher, Jesus, who was transforming crowds with his strange talk […]

Souper Bowl Raised $1,995!

by Trina Kleist

Thank you for being “souper” this year! Each February, Youth @ PEACE participates in a nationwide campaign to support local food pantries. It’s called Souper Bowl of Caring, and it’s timed to the Super Bowl. The original idea was, if everyone who watches the Super Bowl would give just $1 to support a local food […]

Sunday, March 5: Temptation and Bread

by Trina Kleist

Even Jesus faced temptation! So what does that mean for me? Temptation comes to Jesus right after the amazing moment when he is baptized and revealed as God’s Son. Then, the Holy Spirit leads him into the wilderness, where Jesus fasts for 40 days. (What a contrast that must have been!) The Devil comes to […]