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Sunday, Nov. 1: No More Tears!

by Trina Kleist

All Saints Day celebrates our dear departed ones. Today we honor their memory: At the altar this morning, we name them, shed our tears of sorrow, and ring a bell to remind us that their souls live eternally with God. They have “fought the good fight of faith,” living their lives in service to God and […]

New thrift store to help homeless

by Trina Kleist

Give by Nov. 2 to Hospitality House Monday, Nov. 2, is the deadline to support a new project to help move homeless people in western Nevada County into permanent homes of their own. Hospitality House’s goal is to raise $56,000 to cover start-up costs for opening Bread & Roses Thrift and More. So far, the drive is […]

Sunday, Oct. 25: Re-form!

by Trina Kleist

Today we celebrate Reformation Sunday. Jesus often asks his followers to re-form themselves into his image – but reform at any level can be a tough thing to ask. In today’s gospel, a blind man named Bartimaeus cries out to Jesus for mercy and for healing. Jesus heals his physical malady – and immediately, Bartimaeus […]

Sunday, Oct. 18: Got plans?

by Trina Kleist

Go ahead. Make God laugh. Two of Jesus’ closest friends, James and John, had big plans for themselves – and they wanted Jesus to give them the OK to move ahead with their big ideas. Now who does that sound like? Jesus saw, again and again, that even the people who knew him best usually […]

Animals need blessings, too!

by Trina Kleist

“All Creatures Great and Small” Animals gathered with their responsible humans on Saturday, Oct. 3, for a Blessing of the Animals at PEACE Lutheran Church in Grass Valley. The event commemorated the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who believed all of creation mirrors the Divine; St. Francis’ feast day is Oct. 4. Pictured is […]